Baguazhang is both hypnotically beautiful and also the least well understood internal martial art due to its unusual training methods. As a result there are all kinds of authors who capitalise on the misunderstood nature of the art by adding layers of mystery and confusion. This compact book takes the opposite approach. It focuses on the key Baguazhang exercise of circle walking, which is used to develop body power, healh, martial mobility and meditative clarity. This book gives simple, clear instructions which are pared down to the essentials. It uses classical Chinese verses about Bagua as its core, and is illustrated to show footwork patterns and postural principles. This book is written to save you time and headaches so that you can progress in your practise. This book will also help you to see the practical sense hidden in other Chinese books and methods. About the Author: Edward Hines started his practice of Baguazhang in 1991 in Taiwan Republic of China. He is currently based in Paris, France.