The latest book in the "Real Estate Investor's Guide" series by Matt Andrews dives into the world of Government Owned (HUD) Properties. This book reveals the strategies that he uses in his business to Find and Flip houses from this lucrative property source.

This book is direct and straight to the point. It cuts through the clutter and leaves out the filler, leaving only the most vital info you need to get started with this exciting opportunity.

Here's what you will learn:

- How to Find, Flip, and Profit from Government Owned HUD Properties

- How to Navigate the "HUD Loophole"

- How to determine the HUD listing periods

- How to craft winning bid strategies

- How to conduct proper due diligence

- What to look for when viewing the properties

- How to Close the HUD property deals

- How to correctly assess the after repair value of the property

- How to put your business on "Auto-Pilot"

If you are looking for exclusive sources of below market properties that you can flip, rehab, wholesale, and profit - this book will be a valuable resource for you.

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  • Release Date: 2014-10-23